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Make your brand more visible!

Adovinci aims to simplify the planning of outdoor advertising, based on three value points: fast, convenient and always at the best price.

Understand what you are getting and how your campaign is performing.

Our products


Today's standard solution for planning outdoor advertising campaigns on digital screens. Pricing is contact-based and according to your chosen locations.

  • 665 digital screens available all over Estonia
  • Estimated impressions in the network: 42 380 000 / month
  • Real time status and instant booking

For example:

€160/per week, Öpik Building in Ülemiste City (frequency 36 x/hour)

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Set your campaign duration and choose the media products you want to utilise.

What clients say about us

We included Adovinci digital screens in our Ice Hockey World Championship campaign and were very satisfied with the result. The Adovinci team took us through the campaign from start to finish and offered us just those digital screens in sports buildings that hit the right target group. At the end of the campaign, they determined whether we were satisfied with the result, which we particularly liked! We will use their services more in the future.

Estonian Hockey Association

The Adovinci platform is a very appreciated fresh tool that is sure to make life much easier for many and promises to address the issues of efficiency and measurability that have haunted outdoor media for years. The campaign brought us a 58% increase in orders!

Doris Rozdestvenski
Wolt, Baltic Marketing Manager

Very pleasant communication and cooperation. The advertising solution helped to add uniqueness and reach to our marketing all over Tallinn! Along with the screen, they also prepared our advertising materials according to our wishes.

Hendrik Rajangu
M.V.Wool, Sales Manager

How adovinci works?

Choose a digital screen and schedule a screen time

Set your campaign duration and choose the media products you want to utilise. See exactly what is available when, where and for what price. All products can be managed individually to fit your vision and budget precisely.

Set your campaign duration and choose the media products you want to utilise.

Upload your media

Provide your content, either a video or image, which will be delivered on all the products chosen in your media plan. Allowed file types: .mp4, .jpg (video duration 10 seconds, image delivery duration 10 seconds).

Upload campaign assets

Launch an outdoor ad with payment

Get a detailed overview of your campaign with an easy to understand delivery frequency and cost breakdown. After paying for your campaign it will enter a short review process (max. 24 hours) and start running as early as the following day after approval. Your out-of-home campaign created and launched in four simple steps.

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